an rpg adventure where the worlds of magic and technology collide, offering a unique languague discovery experience

Solve a dark my stery

As a recently admited member of the Apprentice Mages Association, you are eager to discover the world and continue your quest for knowledge. Your old mentor. Professor Esperanto has invited you to visit her, but, instead of a pleasant reunion, she has gone missing, Will  you master enough of the language to unravel this mystery?

upgrade your skills and gear

As you develop your magical powers, you will unlock new tiers of spells and abilities to strategically defeat your foes. Discover an unusual realm, solve language-bases puzzles, and uncover powerfull magical artifacts to boost your abilities and get ready for the tough battles that await you!

discover a new language

Terra Alia offers players a fun and exciting way to practice new lenguages. Expand your vocabulary and learn the basics of conversation while fighting rogue wizard, robot and ancient gods in strategic turn-based combat with a linguistic twist.