BoomBox is about the essence of indie games

Video games are supposed to be fun, so we made a game publishing studio that’s all about always trying to capture that feeling.

It’s all about making games that we enjoy playing

It’s about that electrifying spark of inspiration we get from the first time we immerse ourselves in a new fantasy world, getting that euphoric 25 kill streak, or finally solving that one puzzle that we were stuck on for hours.

We have the tape deck, now press play

These gaming moments are memories waiting to be discovered. It’s the ideology of BoomBox, and our mission is to share that feeling with you. So go ahead, press play.

Meet the CEOs

Philippe Erwin, Founder

President at GameScribes

Philippe has held executive and business development roles for Universal and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, before founding a number of independent companies including Gamescribes, Relativity Studios and QED Partners. He has worked with several major brands like Barbie, American Girl, 300, and Crayola.

Alexander Poysky, Founder

CEO of Poysky Productions

Alexander Poysky has worked on many high profile independent titles including Regions of Ruin (1.5 million units) Between the Stars and Travellers Rest. His focus on Production work is always to the benefit of the developers he works with.