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Who We Are?

BoomBox, a digital media company that offers: localization, testing, games and apps development, publishing, marketing, business development, business consulting – all in the digital space.

Our Partners


GameScribes is a video game localization company headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA. We offer game and audio translation services, as well as linguistic and functionality quality assurance testing for AAA and indie games across multiple platforms. GameScribes also specializes in translating and localizing desktop publishing and marketing materials, such as game boxes, art, instruction manuals, websites, and more.

Collision Studios

Collision Studios is a software developer with extensive cross-platform experience, including iOS, Android, PC, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Our offices are located in Los Angeles, CA. Collision was founded in 2005 by industry veterans with a passion for games. Bringing together experienced talent from the Games, Film and Television industries, Collision has a unique view to both existing and original entertainment franchises.


GoGTL mission is to provide their clients with the most complete localization and translation services. We want to offer incredible customer service, and complete all of your projects in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. They guarantee translations that fully reflect all of the nuances of a particular culture and language. Their vision is to be a positive contributor to a world without boundaries. They strive to eliminate the language barrier in global communication, and help people make connections.

BluBox Games

Founded in 2013 by gaming industry veterans, BluBox Games is a mobile publisher specializing in bringing unique, high-quality experiences to market and building entertainment franchises from the ground up. Bridging the gap between games, film and television industries, BluBox gives consumers engaging new ways to interact with brands and IP, both existing and original. The BluBox team hails from Electronic Arts, Activision, Warner Brothers, THQ, Digital Eclipse, Pandemic, Insomniac, Universal Studios, Disney and Rockstar Games, and has a combined 75+ years of experience.

Hydrogen Whiskey

Known for hi-end cutscenes, trailers, game animation, and commercials, Hydrogen Whiskey has served the entertainment and games communities since 1992. The proof really is in their works. Specializing in character performance with motion capture and keyframe animation. Render or game engine integration.
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